Q. There’s loads of speed reading courses online. Why should I do SuperReading? A. SuperReading is NOT speed reading. It’s much more. We’re all about Comprehension first. The high speeds are never at the sacrifice of understanding or recalling. Some products claim you’ll double your speed in 20 minutes. Sure. The problem is your comprehension will be half what it was! We’re the real deal. BACK TO QUESTIONS Q. Is there any kind of guarantee? A. SuperReading has a Guarantee to at least DOUBLE your incoming Reading Effectiveness score. This is based on our tests, which have been verified as accurate by more than two dozen universities and independent testing. Just use the tools and you’ll be very happy. If you do the practice and it does not work, you get a 90% refund. 23 years and 8,000 students and we’ve never had to give one! BACK TO QUESTIONS Q. I freeze on exams. Will this help me? A. Yes. Most students report that when they take exams, it’s so easy it feels like cheating. Your reading is better, so you’ll naturally remember more, with greater comprehension. The Memory tools also make all the facts easy and fun to recall. Also, you’ll have tested yourself with Parroting more effectively than the exam, so way less stress. Law students report that while other students are frantically searching through dozens of tabs on their thick books, they smile, recall their memory tool, and have the answer before others can look it up. Most say the books would just slow them down. We have amazing techniques for absorbing info from textbooks. There’s also great tools for dealing with your negative beliefs. Q. I’ve looked into the Orton-Gillingham approach and Lindamood Bell. They offer no guarantee at all and literally cost 100x your program and take around 120 hours. Any thoughts? A. They get fine customer reviews. From our perspective, these programs focus in the wrong direction. They spend over 100 hours and offer no guarantee of improvement and charge around $10,000 or more. In contrast, we charge £111 and Guarantee to at least Double any students’s reading abilities. That makes them a better reader than their non-dyslexic peers. Most students triple. You can read through our entire program in less than 2 hours. It’s about the same time for the videos. Practice time is 24 hours or so, and most of that can be materials the student was already committed to read, so no time lost. Besides, other programs base their success on reading aloud. In libraries, schools, trains, restuarants and work, if you read aloud people ask you to be quiet. After about age 10, it’s mostly silent reading. SuperReading is about quieting the internal voice and getting ALL THE MEANING. Why prepare students for reading aloud when no one wants to hear it? If you’re alone, are you reading this out load? Probably not! BACK TO QUESTIONS Q. Briefly, what can I expect? A. Higher grades in school. Dr. Cooper states that students should go up a letter grade in 45 days or less. That means going from “B”s to “A”s. Everything will improve, including Focus, Accuracy, Comprehension, Retention and Speed. > Also higher self-esteem and self-worth. > Greater confidence- based on measurable RESULTS. > A far more positive attitude. > Far less stress. No more arguments over study time or exam worries. > More time for fun stuff. That’s important. > A love of reading: pleasure, school, work. > More creativity and imagination. BACK TO QUESTIONS Q. I have to read things several times before it sinks in… A. This is more common than you realise. I can assure you that will not be bothering you any more. Within a few weeks that will no longer happen. It’s one of the first benefits of SuperReading. BACK TO QUESTIONS Q. Does this help with ADD and/or ADHD? A. Yes. SuperReading helps with Focus. In my youth I most likely had ADHD. Nobody had put those letters together yet. I was always in motion and found it very hard to sit still. Paying attention in class was a big problem. I did not have the patience to read, and always felt I was behind everyone else. All the students we’ve had with ADD or ADHD have done brilliantly. I wish I could go back and do school with SuperReading skills. Most of our adult graduates say that. BACK TO QUESTIONS Q. Is it expensive? A. We charge £111. That’s like two or three tutoring sessions. The difference is that SuperReading will revolutionise the way you read and learn. You have full access to every tool, and may email and phone in with questions. That price includes our SuperMemory Program and the Study Skills. Together we call it: SuperStudy. You’ll ace your exams and spend less time studying! Law students usually take an hour to an hour twenty minutes to learn a piece of “case law.” I’ve been assured they remember about half of it. With the Memory tools they take about 20 to 25 minutes, including revision time, and recall everything, acing their exams. BACK TO QUESTIONS Q. When I read something I have no idea what I just read. Will this help? A. Yes! You will quickly learn two tools that will put and end to that. It’s called Distracted Reader Syndrome. It happens to most everyone at least 50% of the time. Within a couple of weeks that will not be happening any more. BACK TO QUESTIONS Q. I love to read for pleasure. Will that be ruined? A. NO! Pleasure reading will be amazing. It’s more like watching a movie. Some graduates say that’s the best part. Others believe acing exams is the best. Let us know! BACK TO QUESTIONS Q. Can you provide private tutoring? A. Yes. We can do that over Skype. It’s more expensive, but you get what you pay for! You would also get the online course for reference. BACK TO QUESTIONS Q. Can my school pick this up? A. Yes. We can teach the teachers. Or come to a school. Or teach classes via Skype. BACK TO QUESTIONS Q. I’ve done speed reading. I was not impressed. What’s your claim to fame? A. We’re not impressed with “speed reading” either. I’ve held classes where people had taken other courses. When we initially test everyone, those people tend to be in the bottom third of the scores. They learned to read faster, but with about 40% comprehension / recall. I taught at a company called GaSonics in Silicon Valley. They had a brilliant engineer there on loan from IBM. He felt he was a big deal because he had worked on a huge famous IBM project earlier I explained how our testing works. He figured his R.E. Score would be about 800 or more. It was around 160. At the end of 5 weeks he did score that high. BACK TO QUESTIONS Q. I have dyslexia. Will your course help? A. SuperReading has proven itself as extraordinary for dyslexia and other learning difficulties. Most of our graduates are now better readers than their non-dyslexic peers! Before 2008 that was thought to be impossible. Please see the published research from Dr. Ross Cooper and the University of Milan. BACK TO QUESTIONS Q. What ages is this program for? A. By age 12 the human brain is fully developed enough for most youngsters to handle our “Advanced Skills.” Nine to eleven years old do verywell, though you’ll need to prepare some of their materials. It’s really easy and only takes a matter of minutes. Below age nine they use the basic tools and grow into the more advanced tools over time. You get instructions on that. BACK TO QUESTIONS Q. Has your course ever not worked for people? A. There were two people who did not get all the benefits we like for them. Both were “legally blind.” One lovely lady was in a car collision and lost use of her ocular muscles. She was happy with our “organisational tools” but there was no charge. A law student had such poor eyesight that with a magnifier he could only see one word at a time. Again, he was happy with the basic tools. He was an extraordinary young man whom I’ll never forget. No charge. BACK TO QUESTIONS Q. I’m a dyslexic adult in the business world. How can this help me? A. We have taught SuperReading at major companies like Apple, IBM, HP, Sun, Fujitsu, RBS, Compaq, Sony, Philips and more. Most delegates saved a working day a week (8 hours). Attorneys and researchers can save two working days a week! And they are reading more accurately. Also, you’ll really want to check out our Chrysalis Goal Achievement Course BACK TO QUESTIONS Q. What’s different with your program? A. We have patented eye exercises that help you process multiple words at at a time. This is one of the reasons we have such an amazing track record with dyslexia. Your brain works like “predictive text.” With our methods you get more context, overriding reversed letters, etc. Also, the combination of Reading, Memory, Attitude and Study skills has proven to be a winning formula. We also share information on specific visual conditions that could be holding you back, and how to overcome them at little or no expense. BACK TO QUESTIONS Q. Can you teach groups? A. Yes. That can be done via Skype or in person. There’s a flat daily rate plus transportation. Mostly it’s companies that ask. We have also taught private groups, often organised by schools. BACK TO QUESTIONS Q. I’ve got four children. Do I have to pay for each one for your online course? A. Not at all. Just purchase one program. You can all share. You get 24/7 access for as long as you like. Have a question? Email it in - no time limit on anything. We love to hear from you! BACK TO QUESTIONS Q. Why isn’t this program taught in the schools? A. Most school systems are caught in a maze of red tape and misinformation. Large organisations almost always move glacially. Whenever we have taught in a school the results have been spectacular with the highest test scores in their history. Please visit Comments / Teachers. BACK TO QUESTIONS Q. How exactly does SuperReading work? A. SuperReading is a combination of tools and strategies that allows people to progressively improve their focus, comprehension, recall, and speed. While they begin employing the focus, comprehension and memory tools from day one, the high speeds are worked on "in the background" while doing the Eye-Hop exercises. Eye-Hop helps readers to absorb multiple words per glance instead of one word at a time. It's what helps dyslexics to overcome their "difficulty." After 16 to 24 hours of Eye-Hop practice, they are reading 5 to 8 words per fixation - with very high comprehension. This takes them into Pattern Reading, moving in an "S" pattern down the page, scooping up the meaning while hardly verbalizing the words in their head. By reducing sub-vocalization, the brain becomes a “reading machine” at higher and higher speeds. That's the gist of it. It works for all readers, including dyslexics, and those with ADD and ADHD. They all double, triple, and quadruple their present abilities given enoughtime and practice. Doubling puts most dyslexics beyond the skill levels of most non- dyslexics. Tripling most certainly does. BACK TO QUESTIONS
The CHRYSALIS Goal Achievement Program: A huge set of tools to help you accomplish anything you wish. Amazing ideas, exercises and methods most people are unaware of. We are including this Program free with SuperStudy purchase It’s a £50 value (though some say priceless…)


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