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Dear Sir, or Madam, I took the SuperReading course in the Autumn Term of this academic year. It has made the most radical and fundamental change to my learning and my life of any support I have ever had. I was completely illiterate until I was 13. I'm academically successful and until SuperReading this was always despite my reading speed; now, thanks to the new way I learnt to read, my reading speed and retention reflect and enhance my academic strength. The other week my class was set some reading to do in class, when I started reading a classmate asked me: "can you really read that quickly?" I had to step out of class for a moment. The reading technique is not the only benefit of the SuperReading course: it taught me a host of other learning skills and about my learning style. The Roman Room memory technique, which I employ frequently helps me succeed not only in my academically but also in my personal life: I remember people's birthdays, the names of their children, when and where I'm supposed to be (etc.). While the section of the SuperReading course which taught me WHY memory maps (etc.) work and how different people's brains respond to different learning techniques (tactile, auditory, visual) enabled me to understand what worked best for me and expanded the range of options available to me to learn in new and more suitable ways. I cannot stress enough how this course has changed the way I learn and changed what I think I am capable of. SuperReading stands better in comparison to any other support I have had: I went to a specialist dyslexic school from the age of 8. It was a boarding school of only 50 children and had intensive teaching, and while this help me in many aspects when I left at 11 I was still illiterate. I attend another university in my previous academic year, which I dropped out of partly because they supported my learning difficulties so poorly: I got a new laptop but aside from that all they did was offer me fancy software for my laptop. This helped but it was a way to 'cope with' my neurological diversity, whereas SuperReading taught me a new skill set that allowed me to completely bypass the most substantial difficultly in my learning: my processing speed. I could never afford to take a SuperReading course. I didn't even know that they existed or that I, as a dyslexic, dysgraphic, dyspraxic, dyscalcuric, developmental-coordination disordered and Aspergers person could possibly use a course like this. Or that it would change my life in the way it has. I have encountered no more substantial enhancement of my learning ability than SuperReading. Please continue to fund this program. Yours faithfully, Leo (Richard) Glasspool Government & Economics First Year Undergraduate, The London School of Economic and Political Science (LSE) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Mr. Cole, I am writing this letter to thank you for helping my son Chris. He is in 6th grade, and ever since 1st grade he has had major problems with his reading abilities. He has been to see every reading and learning expert associated with the San Jose School System. Nothing has ever made much of a difference. This has really held back his learning. He has just barely made it through each grade level, and always at the bottom of his class. I have come to dread going to parent’s night to get his report. In the last few weeks this has all changed. The teachers cannot believe the difference in his work. He is understanding and remembering what he reads. They say he is smiling when he reads and understands more than most of the other children. They feel the only thing holding back his reading now is his poor vocabulary from being such a poor reader all these years. However, with the vocabulary building program you have provided, I believe there is already a positive difference there too. I know I must be patient. He is learning his words at an impressive rate, and I see it is only a matter of time before he catches up there as well. As a mother, it is not easy to see your child failing in his education. I am so grateful for your help to Chris. You have given me hope and given him the ability to read well and to believe in himself. Bless you. Mrs. Marjorie Jackson (Chris’ Mom) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Mr. Cole, I am writing to thank you for taking my daughter into your Super Reading course. She was by far the slowest reader in her class. She would barely be halfway through material when the other children had already finished. On top of that, her comprehension was abysmal. I was about to spend nearly $5,000 on testing to determine whether she had some type of learning disorder. A friend suggested calling you first. I am so glad I took that advice. After three weeks in your course she was the best reader in her class. By the sixth Super Reading class she was the best reader in her school. By far! It was gratifying to find out there was nothing wrong with my daughter. All she needed was the right techniques and teacher. What a bargain your course turned out to be! Thank you again for this small miracle. -Dr. E. Menkin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “I so wish I had access to this course during my English degree. The tools like the memory room, speed reading and scanning would have been most welcome. However, I’m equally pleased to have obtained these skills at this stage of my MA in Creative Writing. I will take away the skills and keep working on them. Before the course I did not believe that I would be able to improve on my reading and memory due to my dyslexia. However, in a very short period of time my ability to speed read and recall what I have read has improved greatly. Thanks Ron for bringing your skill and humour to Chichester University.” Best wishes, Glenn” Glenn Stevens, University of Chichester, BA/MA 12/5/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “I am dyslexic and began this class reading at approximately 154 words per minute with 60% comprehension. (It took 2:36 to read a 400 word article.) …I always had to read sentences over and over to get the meaning… By the end of the sixth session I was reading 1,846 wpm with 100% comprehension. (It took 13 seconds to read a 400 word article.) I would recommend this course to anyone trying to improve their reading speed along with comprehension. The things I found most valuable were the eye exercises and the testing where one was able to see positive results instantly.” -Nancy F., Administrative Assistant, Legal Dept., HP R.E. went from 92 to 1846 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I started this course being a very slow reader; so slow it was excruciating. I’d read the same line over and over, I’d lose my place on a page, and my mind would wander. The techniques I have learned on this course have helped me tackle all these problems, and now I feel I have learnt skills that will go with me to help me with my dissertation and on to my career as a teacher. Thanks. Keith Cockerton, London South Bank University, Student ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Coach, “What I have gotten out of super reading with ongoing practice is my reading speed and comprehension has increased substantially, which is amazing to me as I was somewhat of a sceptic at first. The memory room is quite helpful, but the eye- hopping and “S” and “Z” reading are most useful to me. The Hop Drop is still a challenge but I’m working on mastering it. I strongly recommend this course to all people- dyslexic and non-dyslexic people, as everyone’s reading does actually improve, which is quite amazing!” Thank you Ross! -Constantino Dumengane ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Sir or Madam, My name is Michael Mahony and I am a dyslexic student studying at the University of Cambridge. I understand that SFE is currently debating whether to continue funding the SuperReading course, so I thought I would share my experience of the course with you. When I first arrived at Cambridge, I received 1:1 support from the Disability Resource Centre (DRC) for a term, but didn't find it very useful. As a result, I did not interact with the DRC for another 2 years. During this time, I would regularly work until 12:00- 01:00 and, perhaps once a week, would work until 02:00-03:00. Despite these long hours I would normally be graded at a mid-2.ii to a low 2.i. The main reason for this is that I was never able to complete the reading in the time I was given. It was exhausting, it was frustrating, and it was undermining. I took the SuperReading course after Christmas this year. I was sceptical to begin with; however it has more doubled my reading speed and had increased my comprehension from around 40-90% (I would estimate). This has transformed my experience of University. Within three weeks of starting the course my essays were being awarded mid-to-high 2.i's. Since finishing the course I have had to work past 23:00 perhaps twice. I was also able to take on additional extra-curricular activities such as being an assistant stage manager for 'TEDx Cambridge University 2014'. But the best thing about taking the course is that what I feel I'm capable of is finally consistent with my university is telling me I'm capable of. As I understand it, speed reading courses receive mixed reviews from dyslexic students. However, based on my experience, I think they should all at least have the chance to try the SuperReading course. Kind regards, Michael Mahony ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear DSA Adviser, I am a medical student at the University of Leicester, I completed the course just before Easter and I wanted to give my feedback on the course to help with your review. I have always been a slow reader and that has been a huge disadvantage at all levels of my education but since beginning my medical degree in September of 2013 it has had a noticeable effect on my ability to keep up with my non-dyslexic peers. I have never sought support before, and do not feel that I would get much from one-to-one support as I already have a high level of study skills, but Super Reading is something different. Yes you have to get past the very naff American title, but from my test scores throughout the course my reading speed increased by more than x3 which is astonishing. I have read a full length novel in an hour, and could tell you a good account of what I read. Medical material is harder as it is more technical but I have now read several textbooks cover to cover which has been a huge help. I failed my first exam before I started the course, as I was just not able to keep up and fell badly behind. I am just about to sit my next exam and though by no means certain of passing I am in a far better position now, and that is down to this course. Over all I gained a much faster reading speed but also more awareness of what it is to be dyslexic and an increased confidence that I can manage. I am very grateful that you funded my place on the course and I urge you to please keep funding it for other students as well. Dr. Cooper's research has proven it works and I can tell you from experience it does too. If you want to talk to me further please feel free to ask any questions. If I can help I will. Yours sincerely, Ms Phoebe Kelly BA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “From the first week I knew the SuperReading course would be of great value to me! I now know I have never been taught to read properly. As reading has not been my strong point, over the course I have gained confidence and understand how to get the most out of reading. I now view reading as fun and interesting. I have a whole library I look forward to going through. Thanks Ron, it’s been a blast! Yours sincerely, -John Tuitt, London South Bank University, Dyslexic Student ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “I have sped up my reading. I focus on different ways of reading. I like the use of systematic previewing. I had no real reading strategy prior to the course- I never really thought about it before. I didn’t really like reading that much as I had to do it too much and I was suffering from eye strain!” -Adrian Teasdale, dyslexic reader ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “I have found that the general strategies taught were particularly helpful. For instance, the Preview-Read- Review will certainly be a procedure that I will use. In addition, the memory rooms strategy will probably become the main part of my revision strategy, along with the info-mapping. I also found the visualization strategy very positive.” Oliver El-Holiby Dyslexic Student ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Super reading has helped me concentrate better and “pull up” what I read more efficiently when I use eye hopping. It has encouraged me to relax around reading. I like using the pattern reading technique. The memory room association strategy is a good lesson in how powerful and meaningful memory is! Ross Cooper’s commentary in class and via email is very useful- lots of ideas there. -Laura Villa dyslexic student
To whom it may concern I am Dr Ross Cooper. I have 32 years of teaching experience in schools, colleges and universities. I have spent the last 8 years at London South Bank University involved in teacher training and as Course Director of our MA in Adult Dyslexia Diagnosis and Support. I was invited, as an independent ‘expert’, to evaluate SuperReading in January 2008. Claims were made that reading effectiveness (measured by speed x comprehension) would double in 10 weeks. This seemed highly unlikely to me. We ran pilot research involving 15 dyslexic adults. As a dyslexic academic, I also participated on the course. I was extremely surprised to find that our reading effectiveness did double. My own productivity as a result of SuperReading increased dramatically. We used a number of standardised tests before and after the course, and standardised scores on the TOWRE, in particular, increased significantly. As a result of this, I asked for coaching from Ron Cole to become a SuperReading coach myself. The results of my own SuperReading students matched Ron’s. I have since enabled others to become SuperReading coaches, and their results matched ours. We now have results from 73 dyslexic students, and the results are growing stronger. We have run course in several universities including Cambridge, Kent and Essex. Every university has asked for further courses. We are also planning courses in Canterbury Christchurch, Liverpool, LSE, Plymouth, Royal Holloway and University of the Arts. Although I have been teaching teachers to provide support to dyslexic students for 14 years, I have never known an intervention to have such a dramatic impact. The mean increase in standardised scores is 1.6 standard deviations (24 standardised points). Unsurprisingly, given this progress, the statistical significance is extremely high (p<10,000 million). I have now standardised the reading tests used on the course (n=190) and can compare dyslexic scores with those of non-dyslexic readers. As would be expected, before the course, dyslexic scores are low. However, after the course 70% of dyslexic readers are above the mean and 44% achieve ‘above average’ scores, 22% achieve very high standardised scores (above 130- and 12% are above 145). Student Finance England have been so impressed by the results that in consultation with Patoss and ADSHE, they changed their DSA guidance which now explicitly states that DSA funds can be used for group support for ‘speed reading’. (However, it should be noted that SuperReading has a greater focus on comprehension than ‘speed reading’ courses). I am now no longer an independent researcher, but an enthusiastic practitioner and promoter of SuperReading. I believe that it will transform the educational possibilities for dyslexic learners. Dr Ross Cooper BA(hons), PGCE, PgDip ADDS, APC, Ph.D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Dear Ron, I wish to thank you for making it possible for our staff to deliver your SuperReading course to our Title I Reading students. The final data proves that the SuperReading Program has dramatically benefited our students. Students in our Title I Reading classes scored below grade level on the CTBS reading test last year. This year they are enrolled our Title I Reading class to receive special assistance designed to improve their reading skills. We started your program in our Title I Reading classes in January. The SuperReading Program more than doubled our students reading rates. One class' average growth rate was 277%! Some students increased their rate between 400% and 700%! I shared the data with Superintendent Don Helms and he was most impressed. In his many years in education he said he had not seen such powerful growth in reading scores. Cathy Rumble noted that her students demonstrated a real improvement in fluency when they read aloud. Jason Harm said students who were negative about the program at first were turned around as they saw the increase in their reading proficiency. I watched Josh A. read and complete a history exam in ten minutes with a 98% score. He was reading at a rate of over 2000 words per minute (as rated in reading class)! Chris B. told me he now loves to read and even reads books at home now! Your program has been fun and exciting to implement with visible results daily. My favorite experience was in my after-school reading class. I was given all students who were tested 5-7 grade level on the CTBS test. My task was to have them score grade 8 on an independently delivered test by the end of four weeks! Chris B. looked up at me after completing his first three minute 2-word eye exercise and, with a big smile on his face, said "This is the first time I have ever enjoyed reading!" At the end of four weeks Chris scored tenth grade level on the Woodcock-Johnson reading test! In fact, all my students scored eighth grade or above! We look forward to continuing with the program next year.” Sincerely, George Sabato, Title I Director Edwin Markham School, Placerville, CA 95667 Placerville Union School District ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Ron, we just got our CTBS* scores for the seventh and eighth grades, and they are the highest in our 22-year history by a wide margin. The teachers and I credit your reading course for this achievement. Thank you for sharing this information with us and our students. The difference is uncontestable.” Sincerely, Mary Menacho, Director of General Education South Peninsula Hebrew Day School * Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills (CTBS) The students in 7th and 8th year scored 91st and 93rd percentile respectively. In the previous year these same students scored 78th percentile. In the previous 7 years, percentile ranking ranged between 72nd and 79th. In the year following SuperReading, the 7th years became 8th years and scored 94th percentile. The following year the school did not have the programme after the director left. The 8th years graduated, and the CTBS scores returned to 78th percentile. This clearly shows that the increase in scores was directly due to the SuperReading intervention. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “I definitely feel more confident when I have to read long articles and textbooks, which I often have to. I use the tools and feel very good about it. My ability to focus has improved- mostly through the fact that I know I can do it. The power naps have also helped a lot for that. My reading speed has increased, as I’m hoping it will even more. I like the Eye-Hopping and I’m convinced it will get me where I want to go with my reading. The memory techniques are very useful. I feel like I never really knew how to study properly before (which seems very weird). The classes were always fun.” Werner H. London School of Economics, LLM Taxation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My reading before was slower than now, since I started the course my reading has improved more and my focus is better now than before. I am also in control of everything I am reading now, unlike before. The Eye-Hop has also helped me greatly, and the memory room has also enabled me to remember things more by creating stories from them and making them big to help me remember things longer. The SuperReading course has made a great difference to my life. I am glad I was given the opportunity to take the course. I will always recommend this course to friends and everyone who needs help with their reading. I will continue to use all my Eye-Hop and memory room and the skills I have achieved from this course. A big thank you to the staff and all the people at LSBU who organised this course, and a big thank you to Ross Cooper and Ron Cole. I really enjoyed every bit of the course. -Azara Kanu London South Bank University, Clinical Assistant-Practitioner ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “The SuperReading course has been found to improve the reading speed and comprehension of dyslexic people. To the extent that they can eventually become better readers than Non- Dyslexics. So that turns the word dyslexia on it’s head, but being dyslexic it already was upside down. This is what the research by Dr Ross Cooper has found. When I started the course my reading speed was measured and answering questions on what I had read to test my comprehension . My words per minute (WPM) was multiplied by the percentage I got correct in the comprehension. This is then interpreted as a Reading Effectiveness (RE) Score. My RE Score at the beginning on the course was in the bottom 2% of the population, which isn’t great. However, after I completed the course my RE Score was better than 61% of the population. I was disappointed at first, but Ross pointed out that it’s actually better than most teachers.” - Joseph Aquilina BA Hons, PgCert Dyslexia HE, PgDip ADDs, Neurodiversity Consultant; ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia Specialist/Coach, Assistive Technology Specialist, PATOSS, NADP, ADSHE and UKANN advisory-committee member. Director NeuroKnowHow Ltd ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “I have sat in on Ron Cole’s workshops as I heard from students just what a great impact it had on their reading ability. One student said it was the best thing he had leant (at uni). I was intrigued! I have learnt / consolidated my understanding and will definitely be using the tools for myself now that I am studying for a Masters here. I think the pattern reading, eye- hop, memory room and the importance of a positive attitude has been fantastic and fascinating to learn about, A BIG THANK YOU!!” C.J. Professor SOAS University London ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “I found this course useful. There are several reasons for this. My reading speed has improved a lot, but much more so for my comprehension and reading effectiveness. The thing which I’m going to remember is the Memory Room. This has had a big meaning for me. It is so practical for any kind of information you need to remember. My memory skills have improved well and now I’m not only using it for my exams, which I did much better last week, but during the day for shopping lists and to-do’s. My reading effectiveness started at 17, and has gone up to 150. I’ve improved a lot and plan to use it constantly. Piotr Wojcieszko Teacher at London School of Economics ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “I am more confident about my reading ability and certainly feel that I can read faster and at the same time remember and understand more. The memory room was a great help and has made me realise that I have a good memory. However, you must put in the initial effort!” Samuel Baeza, Senior Lecturer, University of Chichester Beginning RE Scores: 86/120 Ending RE Scores: 180/291 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The thing I value about the course is the time and space it provided to reflect on my approach to reading and to try out new strategies. It confirmed and explained why I have always found reading the newspaper a totally different (and easier) experience to reading anything else – i.e. the columns! I have found the Eye-Hopping incredibly useful – I find that I focus better, drift less, and print seems more in focus. I feel like I’m in the early stages of using Pattern Reading. It also pulls me into what I’m reading more. Although the process appears to be about focussing in more and drifting less, I’m also aware that much of the drifting I do is about ‘thinking about’ what I’m reading- chewing over the ideas, linking to others, etc., so I consider some drifting as vital, especially with some types of reading I do. -Pauline Moon, London South Bank University, Senior Lecturer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Ron, I want to thank you for bringing your SuperReading course to the London City Law School. I have noticed that all the students who sign up for this course end up in the top 20% of their year within 21 days. They also tend to stay there, and most of themcomprise the top 10%. I have also heard from professors that your SuperReading students tend to answer more questions than the others, answer more thoroughly, and with more confidence. It's been four years now and the trend is consistent. THank you again for adding to the positive experience of our law students. Claire de Than Director, LLB Law School ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Ron, Thank you for bringing the Super Reading Program to Worthing College. I hear only high praise and positive comments from the students taking your course. Their grades are higher and so is their confidence in handling their study load. Apparently they also appreciate your enthusiastic American style of teaching. One of the students was particularly happy with the memory techniques you shared with them. She said it made remembering facts for the exam a breeze. I'm glad it's all worked out and you've had good attendance in the classes. Thank you again for your positive influence. Steve Flitton DIrector, Worthing College
“I am the Senior Engineer of Apple Computer’s Global Response Team. We are responsible for solving the problems of Apple end-users all over the world. The SuperReading course has helped us to more than quadruple our productivity. When we come into work on Monday morning, we begin the task of sorting through thousands of E-mails. We need to understand the problem and group the e-mails according to the appropriate answers. Until the SuperReading course, this process was not completed until Thursday afternoon, when we would send out our grouped responses. Now, with our higher comprehension and speed, we are processing the E-mails so quickly that our responses are going out Monday afternoon! Each team member has cut, on average, twenty-eight hours of work down to five. Furthermore, we have seen an improvement in the quality of our responses. Previously, we received numerous E-mails from our customers complaining that we did not answer the question they had asked. We were misreading their questions. As a result of our higher comprehension, we’ve measured a drop in complaints of 85% Thank you for offering such a useful tool which has made our jobs so much more fulfilling. I’m sure our customers appreciate it as well." David Lake, Senior Engineer, Apple Computer Global Response Team ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was a very slow reader and my mind wandered during reading. Now I enjoy reading more than ever. It was good taking the tests during the course to see my improvement. I’ve learned that if you believe in yourself, you can do it! These skills will allow me to use this extra new time I have for getting other things done. At first, I didn’t think this would really help, but I am now a true believer. Rick Hilovsky Senior Staff SVG Engineer Xilinx, Inc. Reading Effectiveness went from 75 to 315 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Simple but effective techniques help achieve results that are truly unbelievable.” Ray Abrishami Director of Engineering Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I've been a poor reader all of my life. It has always been difficult for me to focus and maintain concentration while reading. I've always had to read, re-read, and re-read again just to get the meaning for the first time. I experienced immediate results from day one in this course. My initial RE score was so low it may as well have been zero. I enjoy reading now and get a great deal out of it on the first read. It's awesome! Thanks Ron! Greg Smith Test Engineer, IBM Day 1 RE score: 29 Day 35 RE score: 275 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi Ron, I took your SuperReading class earlier this year, along with my co-worker, Tim. As you know, we are both taking an MBA program that involves night classes. For the last year, we have been going each week, and seeing our standing in the course among our 120 peers. Our professor posts the grades outside the door each week. We see our student number, our grade, and our ranking in the class. In the past, before your class, our ranking was all over the grid. One week I could be number 7, the next week 101 and the following week number 75. Since the third week of SuperReading, Tim and I have occupied the number 1 and 2 positions, and nobody can surpass us! Each week we jockey between ourselves and the rest of the class has to fight for number 3. To us, this demonstrates the power of the skills we learned from you. In a way, we’re no smarter than we were before SuperReading. What we have is the ability to understand and recall what we read. Perhaps we are smarter. It depends on how one defines intelligence. Either way, our reading skills have set us above about 120 other professionals struggling to enhance their careers. So we both send you a big “thank you”. We’re spending half the time studying and getting far better results. It’s just how you said it would be. -Frank Turner, Engineer, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Readers! Before I started my SuperReading course, I could read fairly quickly but my comprehension was rubbish. I would read a document, then have to re-read it as I would be like, “What did I just read?” I am sure you have all done this many times and it can be quite frustrating. Since I have been doing SuperReading the skills I have learnt and the practice I have put in at home with the Eye-Hop exercises and reading the manual have helped me considerably. My colleagues at work have even noticed that I can read faster than them and I have captured the content I have read first time round. The best tool for me is the Memory Room. I can use this tool with everyday things that I need to remember. Also, the Previewing technique is fab for getting the content of material before you read the material fully. I think Ron is a very enthusiastic teacher and puts a lot of energy into his classes which makes it easy learning. The manual has plenty of tips and exercises you can practice, as well as useful web sites. The handouts are very stimulating and get you focused on the task. The exams are interesting topics to read and the questions are not too demanding. SuperReading will be a fantastic tool for when I start my CIPP next year. When reading law policies for our people, I will feel confident that I have comprehended what I am reading and will have read. Directors would benefit from this course as they will learn to read quickly through their E- mails, presentations and documents. Gloria Graham, Personnel Administrator, Tesco Stores Ltd. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “This course was much more than an improvement-of-reading series of exercises. It was a well-thought-out, planned and organized attack on one’s mind limitations. Ron spent a lot of time and effort on attitude improvement, not just skills. He emphasized preparation for reading, readiness to receive information, training to focus on what you read just as much as the techniques for effective reading: pre- viewing, note taking, retelling (parroting), reading itself and reviewing. The SuperReading manual is also a great help. It organizes tracking of daily eye hopping exercises and reading practices, as well as all scores for reading tests showing weekly progress. The instructions in the manual are concise and well-written, and followed by the most humorous multiple-choice tests I’ve ever encountered. Good humour and very positive classroom atmosphere made this course not only a very effective speed and comprehension enhancer, but also a very pleasant learning experience.” Vladimir Starov, Director of Research, GaSonics International R.E. increased from 114 to 471 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This course has been a wonderful experience. The combination of increasing my RE week to week and the positive nature of the readings and classes added to an excellent experience. My biggest disappointment is no longer having the class every Tuesday morning. You are a great instructor and know how to work with your students to get the most out of them. My favourite experience continues to be reading the same material as my co-workers in less than half the time. Thanks for a great course, Ron.” Dirk D. Marketing Communication Manager, Hewlett-Packard R.E. went from 34 to 281 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “I started the course knowing I was an incredibly slow reader. If only my speed increased, I’d have been happy. But the fact that my speed increased exponentially and my comprehension increased from 35% to 90-100% was amazing. Some of the tools I’ve gained as a result of this course (e.g. the Memory Room) I use on a daily basis, and have helped me immensely. I would recommend this course to anyone that wanted to improve reading speed and comprehension. I was able to read a 600-page book overnight; in the past, this would have taken weeks!!” Robert S. Fullmer Chiron Corporation Re Scores: Class One 64/124, Class Six 123/667 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “This class has helped me very much with my reading skills. My reading comprehension has increased at least 50% and speed in some cases over 100%. English for me is a second language, and this makes it a little more difficult to comprehend English at any level. I know that if I continue to practice this new skill I will get even better.” Mario Aguirre Manager, Product Engineering, Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “This course was very useful and had many tools that has increased reading speed and comprehension. The memory techniques were also very useful. I would recommend this course to everyone. The course was very organized and well paced.” Theo Doyle, Sony Corporation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “SuperReading has really encouraged me to read more. I was amazed by how much more I remembered when reading books, E-mails and transcripts. I was quicker at answering my E- mails. Definitely worth doing the course. In the first lesson I was shocked at how little information I could actually recall after I had read a passage, so I was interested to see how the techniques would work. It was amazing how much faster I’m now reading. My reading time was reduced to less than half in three weeks. At first the eye exercises were a struggle, but as I started seeing results I couldn’t wait to practice some more. Soon I was encouraged by how much clearer my mind felt, and how much more info I remembered.” -Sarah Denyer, ASDA Brands, 2 August, 2007 R.E. scores: Day 1: 55 / 92 Day 21: 158 / 600 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Before taking this class, I didn’t enjoy reading because I could never comprehend much, so it was like a waste of time. I would usually just read little articles from magazines and newspapers that I had interest in. Now I am able to quickly go through any material and read through the page as if I’m skimming and pick up about 80% of the material in much less time. I am able to read through several chapters in a book and pick up all the necessary information for tests in minutes, instead of hours because I am able to focus on the material and didn’t have to reread a paragraph 10 times because my mind wandered. SuperReading saved me a lot of time. I feel smart when flying trough a book and people are watching in disbelief.” Hong Lam, Software Engineer General Dynamics ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I've been a poor reader all of my life. It has always been difficult for me to focus and maintain concentration while reading. I've always had to read, re-read, and re-read again just to get the meaning for the first time. I experienced immediate results from day one in this course. My initial RE score was so low it may as well have been zero. I enjoy reading now and get a great deal out of it on the first read. It's awesome! Thanks Ron! Greg Smith Test Engineer, IBM Day 1 RE score: 29 Day 35 RE score: 275 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Ninety percent of my time at work is spent reading, and reading materials that are technical such as financial analyst research. When I saw the SuperReading program offered at work I signed up immediately, excited at the prospect of both increasing my reading speed and, more importantly, my comprehension. Now that I have completed the program, I can say that I have achieved my reading speed and comprehension goals. And my enthusiasm for reading as well. I’m so pleased with the results that I plan to get my children into the program. Thanks, Ron!” Julie Cimino, Investor Relations Specialist Lam Research Corp. Reading Effectiveness went from 50 to 360 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SuperReading has taught me that my mind’s potential is much greater than I ever imagined. I look forward to increasing my speed and comprehension to the maximum that is possible. The additional techniques (Goal Setting, NLP, etc.) are profound tools for change and I’ve already started applying them to my career. I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about achieving all that is possible in their lives. Regards, Michael. J. Golini, Applications Engineer Philips Semiconductors, Inc. RE scores went from 118/158 to 142/460
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