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Alchemy Educational Training will refund 90% of your purchase price if you do not at least double your Reading Effectiveness score in 12 weeks. This should cover even the most severe cases of dyslexia, ADD and ADHD. IF WE CAN’T MAKE THAT DIFFERENCE, WE WON’T KEEP YOUR MONEY. This assumes you have: 1. Attempted to advance in your Eye-Hop Exercises to at least the 4-Word Level 2. Used the Basic Tools 3. Taken the online tests 4. Contacted us if you have not doubled in 5 weeks (we will help you!) We promise to “double” your reading effectiveness! Over time you will most likely triple your R.E. scores. Some have quadrupled and more. We will stand by the Guarantee to Double, so you are protected in your investment.
Welcome, I developed SuperReading in response to the needs of my coaching clients back in the mid 1990s in “Silicon Valley” California. They were spending too much time reading difficult, technical information. Speed reading did not help. After months of searching, I discovered a way to help them absorb multiple words at a time with high comprehension and recall. They became much better readers. Soon, solving the problem of reading at high speed with high comprehension and recall was accomplished
Ron Cole Developer and Head Coach of SuperReading
How much more than doubling is up to you. The more you practice the Eye-Hop Exercises, the greater your skills will become. In the course you will be warned not to become complacent. Doubling is an amazing feat, and the rewards in saving time and increasing accurate recall are great. Just keep going and reap greater and greater rewards. We don’t know what the limits are. Most of what you read in the comments are from a maximum of 12 weeks, and the vast majority are from only 6 weeks. So where you end up is in your hands. As Dr. Cooper says, “It’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN.” I would add, “It’s also a matter of how much!” From experience, most everyone is reading at less than 10% of their true abilities, even the most gifted students. In 8 weeks you can get up to about 40% of true potential.
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