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I developed SuperReading in response to the needs of my coaching clients back in the mid 1990s in “Silicon Valley.” They were spending too much time reading. To quote them, they were “Drowning in Email.” They were reading difficult, technical information. Speed reading didn’t help. It took six months to figure something out. I found some volunteers. They became much better readers. Soon the problem of reading at high speed with high comprehension and recall was a reality.
The first big break came through Hewlett- Packard, thanks to a good friend. They loved the course and ordered  three more. It was in the second course our first dyslexic came to light. She began the course with the lowest scores in the group of 25. Competition was tough- bright engineers and hi-tech managers. 25 days later she had the highest scores in the class. As I was handing out certificates, it was then she announced she was dyslexic. Applause began and a standing ovation. Tears flowed. Amazing support from her colleagues.
I was thinking, what IS dyslexia??
More and more dyslexics began showing up, and asking about their dyslexic children. The tools kept working without a miss. Something went right. I knew it had to be the Eye-Hop exercises, which help us read multiple words at a glance. In 2006 I moved to the UK. Eventually I met a rather sceptical Dr.Ross Cooper. He was convinced my students were not really dyslexic, just thought they were. I kept calling him, getting the same results in the UK.  Dr. Cooper stated the results I was getting were just not supported by the literature.
It was somewhere between highly unlikely and impossible.
Eventually he relented and put a class of adult dyslexics together. There were some pretty severe cases. The word he used at the end was “astounding.” He is dyslexic himself, and more than doubled his abilities. Eager for more, he put another course together and used proper testing methodology to eliminate any doubt. Even more success. Eventually Student Finance England was convinced and agreed to fund classes for dyslexic university students. For 15 months they said they would never do that- only for individual tutoring. But the scores and testimonials were so extraordinary they agreed. This was groundbreaking. SuperReading has now been taught with great success at 25 UK universities, which include Cambridge, LSE, Royal Holloway and many others. Despite that, our one and only setback came in 2015 when the law was changed by two words: medical requirement. Because of that they can only fund an online course- no more classes. The scores and abilities were better than ever, but their hands were tied.
But YOURS ARE NOT! You can get all the tools of SuperReading today. The classes were brilliant, but the truth is that people actually progress FASTER with the Online Course! You see, in the classes, students would wait each week for the instruction, when most of them could have zoomed ahead. You can go at your own pace as quickly as you are able. There’s nothing holding you back. Dr. Cooper recently stated that this level of improvement is not a matter of “if,” but of “When.” It only a matter of time and you will have defeated dyslexia. All the studies confirm this fact. The Italians have translated the entire program into Italian. Hey have tested its validity in so many ways, including heat mapping and independent testing. You can see the published studies for yourself. Warning: they are VERY academic.
Just know that there is no other program with so many tools, so much research and so much love. It hardly takes any time to practice, it’s all EASY to learn, it’s very powerful, and it works relatively quickly. In just a few weeks it will all be good- you’ll see progress from the first few days. Truly. Ron Cole
Ron Cole
Developer of SuperReading and Head Coach. Ron is continually working on marketing and further improving the course. As a life coach, Ron brings his psychology and coaching experience to bear on the ultimate reading solutions.
Dr. Ross Cooper
BA (hons), PGCE, PgDip ADDS, APC, PhD
BA, CLC, CBC, CTLT, Certified DiSC, Certified Buzan
Dr Ross Cooper is a neurodivergent academic, qualified teacher, coach, international speaker and entrepreneur. After disbelieving the claims for SuperReading until he tried it for himself in 2008, he became a passionate champion of SuperReading and has worked with Student Finance England (SFE) to ensure it is available for dyslexic and other neurodivergent students through the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). He has published several academic papers analysing the extraordinary impact of SuperReading in the PATOSS Journal and the Journal of Inclusive Practice in Further and Higher Education, and been instrumental in helping develop SuperReading in Italy. He has taught in special schools, further education and universities. He was the course Director of an MA in Adult Dyslexia, Diagnosis and Support, a Director of the Standards in Assessment for SpLD Committee (SASC) for 3 years, and is currently Chair of AchieveAbility.
Dr. Francesca Santulli
PhD in Linguistics, Degree in Modern LIterature
A linguist with the University of Milan, Professor Santulli brought SuperReading to Italy and had the entire Program translated into Italian. Francesca is bringing the Program further into the Italian educational system, including more universities and high schools.
Alchemy Educational Training will refund 90% of your purchase price if you do not at least double your Reading Effectiveness score in 12 weeks. This should cover even the most severe cases of dyslexia, ADD and ADHD. IF WE CAN’T MAKE THAT DIFFERENCE, WE WON’T KEEP YOUR MONEY. This assumes you have: 1. Attempted to advance in your Eye-Hop Exercises to at least the 4-Word Level 2. Used the Basic Tools 3. Taken the online tests 4. Contacted us if you have not doubled in 5 weeks (we will help you!) We would keep 10% of the fee because there has never been anyone who has not received significant value from the course. In fact, in more than 24 years there has been the need for a single refund. It may interest you to note that for the first year we advertised a guarantee to “triple” reading effectiveness, which happened. We eventually realised that people did not believe that was possible, so for marketing purposes we dropped the promise to “double” your reading effectiveness! Sales increased. The point it that over time you will most likely triple your R.E. scores. Some have quadrupled and more. We will stand by the Guarantee to Double, so you are protected in your investment. How much more than doubling is up to you. The more you practice the Eye-Hop Exercises, the greater your skills will become. In the course you will be warned not to become complacent. Doubling is an amazing feat, and the rewards in saving time and increasing accurate recall are great. Just keep going and reap greater and greater rewards. We don’t know what the limits are. Most of what you read in the comments are from a maximum of 12 weeks, and the vast majority are from only 6 weeks. So where you end up is in your hands. As Dr. Cooper says, “It’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN.” I would add, “It’s also a matter of how much!”


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