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Sorry Dyslexia…
In 8 to 12 weeks, most dyslexic students no longer test out as dyslexic.
The amazing results of Eye-Hop are being realized.
Every university study and every SuperReading graduate confirms it: dyslexic readers become better readers than their non-dyslexic peers.
What is SuperReading? SuperReading is a comprehensive course which provides the tools for absorbing and retaining large amounts of information in less time. We transform poor readers into brilliant readers. We help struggling students master reading, memory and study. We run classes or tutor via Skype. Or we offer you our Online SuperReading Program. Each of our tools are learnable in three to five minutes. The Online SuperReading course is easy to learn. You can learn what to do in just over an hour. Practice time mostly includes reading you were already committed to doing anyway. You will take a few seconds to convert that reading into “Eye-Hop.” Then you may either download it or read it straight from your screen. Easy, simple and powerful. We’re a rocket-science-free zone!
Comprehension First! SuperReading is comprehension and accuracy first, enabling you to read, understand and retain information quickly and efficiently. Powerful Results SuperReading, SuperMemory and SuperStudy have helped over 8,000 readers / students since 1995. Students become the best in their school. Recognition We are proud that the American Dyslexia Association has posted a blog on our program: for-dyslexic-readers-by-ron-cole/ A huge thanks to the amazing ADA for publishing our latest blog: dyslexia-is-done/
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